5 Bedtime stories our toddler loves (and that we like to read, too!)

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One of my favorite things about being a mom is reading stories together. Snuggled up together, rocking in the rocking chair, a soft fuzzy head near my chin and chubby, tiny fingers grabbing at pages and pointing at pictures. Warm Fuzzies! Of course, after three years of nightly bedtime stories – plus nap times and random times just for fun – we’ve gone through quite a lot of books. It can be a challenge finding books that kids like to listen to and that parents can read without going crazy. Here are five books currently running on repeat at our house.

Jon Agee My Rhinoceros and Lion Lessons

If you love a light-hearted, imaginative read, you will love these books by Jon Agee.  He uses bright illustrations and unusual story lines to subtly teach lessons like celebrating individuality, perseverance, and helping others. Reading his books makes me remember the limitless world of childhood imagination, something I hope I can help my toddler cultivate. She, on the other hand, is ready to put on her lion costume and start her own lion lessons. I can’t wait to read more of his books!

Sandra Boynton Night Night, Little Pookie

I feel like Sandra Boynton’s books are a must-have on every kid’s reading shelf. There’s just something so classic and fun about her stories! We’ve got several of her books, but right now Little Pookie is a big hit. Night Night, Little Pookie will add some fun to bedtime – it’s perfect for kids to act out, and sweetly sentimental to help you savor the challenges and joys of toddler bedtimes.

Kitty Kat, Kitty Kat Where Have You Been? by Russell Punter and Dan Taylor

It’s safe to say that my toddler is obsessed with Kitty Kat and his adventures! It all started with Kitty Kat’s travels to Paris, and ever since then my child has been talking about “pastries and gateaux with chocolate on top” almost non-stop. Do you have any idea how cute it is to hear a tiny two-year old spouting off words like pastry and gateaux? It’s been well over a year since our introduction to Kitty Kat, and we’ve since added New York and Rome to our bookshelf. You can bet we will be rounding out the series soon.

Doreen Cronin and David Small Bloom

This gem of a book came our way as a birthday gift, and it won us over on first read. Cronin crafts a beautiful tale celebrating the wonderful uniqueness in each of us – “there is no such thing as an ordinary girl.” Bloom, the fairy, is an excellent role model, unabashedly self-confident and ready to help others discover their inner strength and worth. As a mom who isn’t overly into frilly princesses and damsels in distress, I especially appreciate this earthy fairy who plays in the mud, lives in the forest, and gets her hands messy to change the world. My toddler loves the story line and looking at the gorgeous pictures. It’s a little longer compared to some of our reads, so plan to share a few extra minutes at reading time when this one comes up.

Ainsley Earhardt and Ji-Hyuk Kim Through Your Eyes: My Child’s Gift to Me 

This visually stunning book has been a favorite since it first landed at our house. The lyric poetry reads aloud beautifully, creating an easy, flowing cadence throughout the book. Vibrant watercolors enhance the experience, vividly capturing the wonderment of viewing the world through a child’s eyes. My toddler and I both love reading this book… maybe especially because it is about a special day for a mom and her daughter. It pretty much sums up my dreams for my child and the real-life lessons I’ve learned from her.

What books are you and your kids loving these days?

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