An Apple for the Teacher?

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Well friends, I applied to be a teacher. I know, I thought it was too late this year too!! But a charter/private school in Salt Lake said they’re accepting applications so I decided to throw my hat in the ring. I’ve always said that I’d prefer to teach older students (aka college-age), but maybe I’ve been limiting my vision. I’m currently waiting to hear back on another job I interviewed for last week. It would be very exciting to work there, and I would be very happy to get an offer. But, I trust that the Lord is guiding my job quest, so if I don’t get an offer, then I know that it’s not where I need to be. In an effort to pull my life together, I have decided that if that job doesn’t work out, I’ll contact the local school district and become a substitute teacher! They don’t require a teaching certificate; plus, my masters degree and college teaching experience ought to serve as some type of qualification. It’s so interesting to see how life morphs from one expected pathway to another unforseen trail. Is there a God? With all that has happened in my life, I think the more appropriate question is, how could there not be?? I’m ever so thankful that He is. 


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