National Family Day

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Apparently, today is National Family Day. I like that… I have a pretty awesome family, you see. My mom emailed me and helped make my day better, after a tougher weekend. I live with my wonderful grandparents, and it’s sort of awesome how much fun we have together. I’m not around quite as much these days, but its still great when we’re all together. My great brother Chad took time from his jam-packed day to troubleshoot my “check engine” light, and Michelle fed me yummy waffles. I love visiting them and seeing Carson and Brooklyn! (I’m really good at putting Brooklyn to sleep, too.) If I look back at last month, I had a wonderful time living with Alex, Megan, Ethan, and Natalie while I finished my Provo stint. I miss playing with my kiddos down in Springville! And Mark is just plain awesome. I loved walking around campus with him as I passed the college baton. (He also saw my printed thesis the other day… I haven’t even done that yet!! Take a picture please, mom?) Yeah, I’ve got a pretty great family. Lest my dad think he’s not remembered, well, that’s just silly. He sends me great thoughts and quotes at those times when I particularly seem to need them. And Elder Jeff keeps up on my life so well for being focused on his mission! He’s so positive and I love getting to email with him on Saturdays. There’s many more family members who have touched me lately, but I do have to end somewhere and my contacts are starting to adhere to my eyeballs. So I’m out for now. You can look at this pretty picture I played with today. 

PS. The news also said that great teaching is the supreme act of great leadership. As a new teacher, that either makes me feel really awesome, or really apprehensive of all the responsibility. We’ll go with the first until I figure it out  🙂 

Castle, Lisbon, Portugal


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