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I’m fairly certain that it’s a good thing I haven’t finished the last blog post I was working on. It makes me feel like I can’t write more until I complete it. Obviously not stopping me right now but…  It’s going to be a really awesome treatment of modern Halloween and its connection to the beginnings of opera in Venice around the 1500’s. And Carnival. I promise that it makes total sense… or it will once I get my thoughts finished. I started it on Friday after finishing teaching and I guess all those 6 yr olds just drained my mental faculties enough that I couldn’t finish. But it really is a great concept, and I know you’re all dying to read it. 

If I were to waste time tonight and blog when I should finish my other, more educated and enlightening post, I might comment on how I am legitimately starting to like my job. I might also comment on how many dates I’ve gone on lately, and how surprising most of them have been. I could add a sidenote about how I really am an intellectual snob (of sorts) and that I don’t think I will ever change that for dating purposes. Nope. I’m 25 and have a master’s degree. What have you done? Hint: if you’re male and over the age of 26, the answer should be along the lines of “I graduated with a bachelor’s and am interested in furthering my career/education.”  I might also share a personal anecdote of how I felt like the 5 foolish virgins the other day when I went to the temple, but you’ll have to ask me in person to see if I’ll tell you that one. I might also mention that I’m moving to a new area (Cottonwood Heights/Fort Union) and how most days I’m fairly convinced I will not marry for…. well a long time at the very least. It’s that last part that I’m trying not to blog about. People like positivity, and while I’m not upset about that sense I have, it’s not exactly a rainbow and ponies statement. 

And that’s what I might blog about, if I had finished that last amazingly intelligent and erudite treatise on Halloween. Which I haven’t. Which is why I’m not blogging tonight. 

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Amy · October 18, 2011 at 3:58 pm

I miss talking to you. 🙂

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