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At 25, nearing yet another birthday, I believe I have proved that I have limited use for a man in my life. My latest reason? Building stuff. Men are generally attributed to be the handy ones, their engineering minds able to masterfully change piles of wood and screws into fine pieces of furniture. Well you know what? I can do it too! I built all my furniture and mounted a mirror on my wall, too! I still have to mount pictures, but… one step at a time. It’s taken me rather a while to get things put together to this level. 

Latest Addition: full-length mirror

Early November: assembling my first piece of furniture, a nightstand

Nightstand in progress

Looking better!

All done with nightstand number one!

And my room looks cleaner already

Ahh, the penguins on the wall. And my slipshod attempt at making my bed. And all the boxes… This was my life for like 2 weeks. I am really happy that things are coming together more now!

Yeah. More penguins. They’re gone now. Lots of boxes and still living out of suitcases. 

Messy!!! Need to build the dresser. Mid-November

Setting up for the big project: the dresser!

It looks slightly more organized, right? 

So many pieces to put together. 

Main body complete: time for the back and the drawers.

Back in place, dresser in place! It took between 1-2 hours to get to this point… the drawers took another 1-2 hours, though. Despite the late night, it was worth it!

Done! Time to fill it up and tidy the room. 

My nice drawers. One reason I bought Ikea furniture new, rather than get older stuff, was because I really like drawers that glide properly. I am happy to report that the drawers of my handiwork glide perfectly! 
You can see the top drawer is split into two. 

And these guys… well they took our big TV off the wall downstairs so we could put it in the entertainment room. The flashing person is one of them falling down after pulling on the cables to get them out of the wall. That whole fiasco was HILARIOUS!! I may not need guys to build my furniture or mount my mirrors, but they make great entertainment and assistance with electronics!


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