Doors and Windows

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So 2012 has been very interesting so far. VERY good so far! And it looks to be extremely promising on some fronts, which makes me happy happy. Of course, you can’t have a house where all the windows and doors are open at the same time. So naturally, some windows have had to close. For the first time in my left, I voluntarily chose not to participate in dance. 


It was surprisingly easy. Easy in the sense that I’ve been dancing for over two decades and have always ended prior dance commitments through someone else’s choices – moving away, not making a team, etc. Actually choosing my future? Choosing to say no to dance?? Yes. I did it. And it feels right. 

My travel journal documents my impressions from our very last performance in Lisbon. It was a back-to-back show for LDS church members from three stakes in the area. Both shows were packed! The audience was so wonderful and it was an amazing synchronicity of performer and audience. Perhaps my words that night sum up this choice. “Absolutely best way to end dancing 🙂 ” At least for now, one chapter of my dancing story has closed, but I am confident that it’s not the end!


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