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In case I hadn’t mentioned it, I am in love. YES! For reals this time. And it rocks my world. It’s interesting though…. in my “younger” days I always thought I’d be super giddy and starstruck and all that. I mean, I did feel all those things in the past when I was in “love.” So either I’ve grown up and am a little more realistic, or love just feels different when it’s actually mutual and good and working well, etc. 

My love is like a river. It’s constant, and fairly deep. Abiding. Yes, perhaps that’s a good word for it. It gently colors my world a beautiful shade of rosy pink. Most of the time there’s not crazy fireworks and explosions and grandiose moments, but they happen often enough that I’m not worried about anything missing. 

The only downside? Distance. And time. Because the distance is just enough to make it inconvenient to see each other every day, we talk a lot on the phone. And that time flies way too fast. And when it is over not only do I wish we had more time talking, I realize I need more time to do my little tasks too. So instead of switching my laundry and doing lesson plans I blog….. yeah. Teaching this new year may very well kill me. Too many students. Too many “extras” to worry about (science fair, spring sing, grades, re-enrollment,  P-T conferences, valentines, etc). Lots of pressure/high expectations. Depending on if my mom’s scale and my sister-in-law’s scales are fairly similar, I’ve shed 5 pounds in the past 3 weeks since coming back from the break to teach. (And those aren’t the healthy, oh I worked so hard to lose that weight pounds. No, they’re the stressed, stressed, stressed lost pounds.) 

So to sum it up, I need to change the laundry and go to bed like 30 minutes ago. Because the grind begins early, and I’m still fighting my 2 week illness, and I need to work hard tomorrow so I can play with my man later this week. And that concludes one of my more random posts. 
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