Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I think I can safely say that I now have two favorite holidays: Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I know, you think I’d go for something in the summer since my birthday is wedged in between those two, but nope, those are the ones! This Christmas I only had one real wish for my gift. I wanted to be married (or find the right person for that.) I never suspected at the time that I would actually get my wish, but I did. I met Joan Gonzalez, a tall, dark, and handsome stage manager at the MoTab Christmas show. We flirted, a friend gave him my number, and he immediately put it to use. Over Christmas break we talked nearly every single day! I had a suspicion then that I might be getting my wish, but I couldn’t be sure. I  mean, we still needed to do some dating in person. 

Once I got back to Utah, it didn’t take very long for Joan and I to realize that the connection we’d felt already was getting stronger and stronger. We spent a lot of time talking to each other, going on dates, and getting to know each other. In an unheard of step for me, I quit my international dance group so that I could have time (and money) to get married this summer, if the need arose. Nothing can get me to stop dancing when I have the choice to keep going. But finally getting my dream of marriage? That’s the one thing that could stop me and get me to reevaluate my dance pursuits. I’m so glad I did!! 

Today, on February 14, 2012, Joan got down on one knee in the cold snow above Emigration Canyon and asked me to marry him. According to him, I shouted “YES!” My cheeks were bursting from smiling! He pulled a ring box out of his back pocket… sadly it was dark enough that I couldn’t really see it well. So as I took off my glove I asked him to put the ring on my finger. He very willingly obliged. (The current ring is not the real one. The real one is being made right now and is going to be a stunner! But this stand-in ring is not too bad on its own, either.) We are getting married on  June 15, 2012 in the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple. I am so happy and can hardly believe that this is really happening! Joan is a wonderful man who treats me like a princess, and I couldn’t imagine a better companion to go through life with. 

P.S. Pictures coming soon!
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erin · February 15, 2012 at 8:10 am

I LOVE love love this. And I'm so happy for you Erica. This explains why I never did get that phone call from you at Christmas. But for good reason!

Amy · February 15, 2012 at 1:07 pm

Hooray!!! Hooray!!! I love this. 🙂 and pictures really should be soon.

Janneke · February 15, 2012 at 3:07 pm

I love how you took the necessary steps to make your dreams come true!!! I'm so truly happy for you!!! I wish you endless happiness Erica and Joan. What a lucky guy to have you. 🙂

Jackie · February 18, 2012 at 3:30 am

PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES! Please!! I'm dying here. I am soooo happy for you. You deserve this and he is so lucky to have found you.

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