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87 days left till the wedding!!! Wow, it’s crazy how fast and how slow the time is going. Things are working out great for Joan’s new job venture. He is signing a contract this week to work with them for the next few months on a project basis, and it also has a commitment to bring him on full-time by December1. As a start-up business it’s a little bit scary, but we both feel good about the prospects and it’s the best time for us to be taking this kind of leap of faith. 

Things with my job have taken a turn as well…. and based on how awful last week was that means it’s a positive turn! It was quite the work for my supervisor and me to change around the whole schedule, but we put math in the morning instead of right after lunch. Between the overall change of pace and having math when they’re still fresh, our scores improved WILDLY this week! As in, we just had a few days to make the change last week, but our test this morning showed extremely improved scores. I was happy, my supervisor was happy, and my kids were proud of their success when I let them know how well we all did on the test. It felt great to leave school happy. 

In other news, I spent several hours yesterday reading (and finishing) Book 1 of the Hunger Games. It was good! I need to exchange it with my friend for the next book, because I’m really curious to see what happens next. I’m working on my wedding fitness plan… okay so I’m just working to create a plan right now. But you gotta start somewhere. And engagement pictures are this weekend, along with wedding dress shopping, finalizing planning, and tons of other wedding stuff. And the day off on Friday!! Woohoo! Soon I’ll have more fun pics to share of my honey and me. 

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Jackie · March 21, 2012 at 9:16 pm

87 days will FLY! So excited to see your pics.

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