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Before I get into this picture post, I just wanted to mention something. I was working on my computer settings and when I went to my blog, it ended up doing an address search for it. One of the post results it pulled up was about this past February/March or so… and those associated events. (Yes, I could be more vague than that.) I clicked on it. One part of me was curious if the pictures would still be posted since I’d deleted them from my computer hard files. They were. And I just have to say maybe two things. 1. I didn’t feel any anxiety looking at them. Do you know how huge that is!??!?? 2. He didn’t look at all like I remembered. That surprised me. Did I literally see him differently than he really was? I think the short answer of that, both literal and metaphorically is yes. 

Which brings me now to my picture posts! I have actually been really busy the past month or so, between weddings, fun trips, concerts, family, job searching… and I have lots of pictures to show of almost all of those! (No one really wants to see what I look like job searching. No worries, it’s undocumented and will not soon be recorded for memory.) I’m kicking things off chronologically, going back to August 25, 2012 and my dear friend Jenelle’s wedding to Jeff Strong. 

Jenelle has been one of my best friends since 2004 when we first met. We have commiserated and celebrated together, shared dreams and disappointments… she has strengthened me in my times of weakness and unfailingly been there for me. She has such an awesome outlook on life, really taking it by the horns, having adventures, and making a difference in peoples’ lives. For a short time we were both engaged and talked wedding plans. Can I tell you a secret? At one point I was way more excited for her wedding than mine! She has such a great sense of style and was creating a wonderful vision for her wedding. I’m definitely borrowing a page from her book should I ever be in those planning shoes again. So let’s see what it was all about! 

Bright and early before the wedding breakfast! That’s my excited face.

All great bridesmaids and brides know how to model. Work it!

Here we are at the temple. I love how her colors worked out in the dresses.

Bridesmaid bouquets 

Cute line up

Bouquet posing. I really love this shot. Jenelle had a great photographer!

So nervous giving my toast to the couple… I read Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s How Do I Love Thee?

Best friends forever


Woot!! Meridith and I rocked out the photobooth. PS. We need to get together soon, Mer!

On the dance floor! Jeff’s side of the party had some crazy dancers… like this guy here. 

The whole wedding party. We even had an extra guy, what what! 
Part of the decorations at the reception included these flower stuffed vintage typewriters. Totally digging that I was able to get a nifty perspective shot of this!

See, the letters are in focus in this one. If I were really awesome I’d do something in post-production to make a word stand out but… these are unedited. 

She had the cutest lights! I really love light effects and this is mostly a picture to remind me what to do in the future. 

Favors table.

Favors in a cute tin bucket.

Another great typewriter, this time with an apple. 

Hand-made sign directing guests in the venue.
And they will live happily ever after…. The Beginning. 

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Jenny Alama · September 27, 2012 at 10:10 pm

You look amazing! I love your dress!

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