Day 3: Psalms 61

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If I wanted an easy route for this project, I could just read a new psalm each night. Psalm is another word for prayer, and so often they have a tone of rejoicing. Very beautiful. Plus the fact that they had a performance aspect to them… I feel very able to connect with them. Psalm 61 highlighted some thoughts I’d been pondering whilst watching Les Miserables and Alfie Boe sing Bring Him Home. He mentioned in an interview that singing this takes him to a place sheltered from reality. I feel like when we pray properly, we do leave behind some of this mortality and enter a liminal space of transcendence. I especially love verse 2 where David asks to be taken to a higher rock. Prayer allows me to repent and come to that higher place. It’s one of the most common requests I make, regardless of wording: help me repent, be forgiven, and step up to that higher ground.

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