Day 25: Psalms 34:4

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I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

I found this gem on Pinterest tonight. Yes, it totally counts for my purposes! Besides it bring a simpler find, it is remarkably true. I’m sure you recall one earlier posts this month where I discussed my lingering fear, and thus hesitancy, about moving out of the grandparents’ nest an back on my own. It’s been a real thing I’ve had to deal with, and I’m not one who typically had fears over living my life. Skydiving? Heights? Breaking a leg? Yes, but never fear of living the life I want. It’s been a challenge, especially because it isn’t something I’m used to dealing with. One thing I’ve tried to do throughout this journey is to get guidance on that whole living and moving out thing. When I saw this verse tonight, I realized that the emotion of fear is gone from this aspect of my life! Nothing has panned out yet, at this point, but I have been delivered from the fear of getting out there again. Apprehensions will still arise, I’m sure, but fear is powerful, even to the point of being debilitating. The more I think on facing true fear in my life, much of that has happened in recent months. And in each case, the peace of The Lord has won out in the end. I’m really grateful for the ability I had to see that growth in myself, even as I squandered time on Pinterest.

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