Day 4 – D&C 8:10

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Ask in faith and ask for the right things.

I used to get antsy when my mom told me that it mattered how I asked something in a prayer. Didn’t God, in his wisdom, already know why I was trying to get at? Could prayer possibly be a strict matter of semantics and syntax? I couldn’t believe that, but I also knew there was truth in what my mom said. Tonight, I learned what she meant.

I was in a very sacred place, quietly pondering and reviewing recent events in my life. I was praying, asking if I would get a particular blessing ever. As I prayed and pondered, I realized that I was feeling anxiety! Definitely not the answer I was seeking. But as I pondered, my mind turned to the thought that I already had been promised this blessing by The Lord, and I was questioning his ability to fulfill his words. No wonder I felt strange! I quickly tried again, this time acknowledging the promise already made and my faith in it. What I asked instead was if I was still worthy to merit the blessing. Scriptures tell us that blessings are predicated on obedience, and heaven knows I m very imperfect. That is really the crux of what I was seeking, though. And as I prayed and listened, I felt peace and assurance. Not so much that I feel over confident in my standing, but enough to trust that I’m not holding myself back.

Beautiful night of spiritual thoughts tonight. I love the temple.

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Anonymous · February 7, 2013 at 12:11 pm

I love that you are going on this journey! It will bring you closer to the desires of your heart. I have enjoyed your insights and have been reading your scriptures along with you. Have faith in the blessings you have already been promised and be grateful that The Lord has blessed you so much already.
I love you! (Hmmmm…mom knows a thing or two?) hehe

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