Day 5: JSH 1:29

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Joseph Smith offers one of the most comprehensive scripture passages in prayer and answers. Connecting with my thoughts yesterday of praying with faith, this passage brings up another very relevant point: at what point do we know we have fully repented of our sins and how does prayer help us gain that understanding? Like Joseph, I feel like my failing and sins are not of great severity, but rather an amassing of foibles and omissions, many minor things added up. I’m not sure I could set out in prayer with such firm, unwavering conviction that God would answer and report on my standing before Him. Prayer is part of true repentance, and I’m not sure one night is sufficient for that. At what point can we say, like Joseph, that we have full confidence? What is it like to pray with full confidence? How do we get to that point? My only clue is the sudden music lyric popping up in my head from Primary: Speak. He is there.

Tonight has more questions than answers, it seems. I think that is appropriate, because they are answers we must seek individually. I’d love to hear our thoughts on this topic. As for me, I need to pray and see what answers I get tonight!

PS. In the midst of evaluating the state of my soul, I had dinner with my dear dear friend. We grabbed some delicious Chinese food at Shoots. The following picture is what my cookie had to tell me. And no, I really don’t think it was coincidence.

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