Day 9: Mark 1:35

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One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed during the past few days of this project is that I think sour prayer and scriptures more often, with more purpose. Today as I drove to work, I learned that the Pope is resigning… Something that hasn’t happened since the 15th century or so. I wanted to find a New Testament scripture for tonight, to honor the shared truths. Mark 1:35 is a brief but telling account of how Christ prayed. He awoke early, left to find solitude, and then prayed. I love the spirit that seems to pervade the morning, though I usually only notice it on special occasions, not my typical mornings. Being in nature especially evokes that. While I do the evening routine — better than nothing — I hope to one day make a switch to morning worship. My goal is to try and do a special morning prayer tomorrow, in addition to my normal prayer/scriptures for the day. And my prayer tonight will be for health (who gets allergies in 30 degree weather??), restful sleep, and an early wake up tomorrow!

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