Day 10: Alma 34:17-27

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My first thought of what to use as my prayer prompt was a website I came across: Sacred Spaces. At a glance, it is a website that provides users with the experience I’ve created for myself – daily scripture prompts, finding how to make prayer meaningful in your life, developing a true connection with God… brilliant idea, and I hope many people benefit from it! I  may have to give a test run, just for fun. As I thought more on it, though, I really wanted to go very doctrinal today. 

I included verse 17 because it shows steps to follow. I’m kind of big on the whole organization, steps, order etc thing. We have obtain faith by experimenting on the word of God (see Alma 32), then grow that faith. In verse 17, we reach a point where our faith is unto repentance, which requires we call on God to communicate with Him about our repentant status. He is merciful and “mighty to save.” Again, we are reminded of the how prayer and humility go hand in hand. Hmmmmmm there’s some interesting thoughts to be had there. 

Prayer – humility…. which comes first? Chicken and the egg? Humble people pray. But prideful people also pray. And in prostrating themselves before God, either literally, figuratively, or both, they enact humility and attain more humility than when they began. Does it follow, then that we are able to retain a better sense of humility when we are consistently praying? I think that makes sense… constantly being in communication with such a powerful, supreme Being and acknowledging His hand naturally makes us more humble. On the flip side, does not praying indicate we are more prideful? I’m not sure…. at best it indicates we are forgetful. And I suppose that can be a type of pride, if we consider our state so well-off to not consider the hand God has had in making it easy for us. Once the trials hit, we tend to come to our knees much more often. 

Alma talks through the next several verses about where to pray and what topics are appropriate. Basically, everything is free game. Our world is slightly different from Alma’s so I would revise my statement to read that everything that is virtuous, lovely, or of good report, or praiseworthy, is free game for prayer. Our jobs, our relationships with co-workers, family, and friends, our spiritual freedom from Satan, the welfare of our enemies and the ability to withstand temptations…. all things that we should pray for daily, no matter where we may be. I had to go to the bathroom twice today to keep my head properly attached to my shoulders at work, and as soon as I had closed the door I began to pray. I suppose I didn’t need to seek a secluded space, but I do better when I can shut things out and focus. And in this case I needed an escape from the situation as well, before I could face it calmly, with dignity, grace, and kindness. For what it’s worth, I think it worked. 

I like how the Spirit works.. I definitely did not intend to write a long post tonight. In fact, I was feeling a little obligatory towards this tonight, but look where it has led me! That whole prayer-humility thing was completely spur of the moment, and it was a great insight to me about myself and prayer, and perhaps reasons why its easy to stay out of the habit once you stop being consistent in prayers. Ditto for scripture study too, I think. Ok, well I really must be getting to bed tonight. If you want to exercise some prayers, I’ll take them in my direction. These allergies – I know, who gets allergies when it’s barely above freezing oustide?? and yet they’re here – are not so fun and make me feel not exactly 100%. When they muddle my brain, I know I’m in real trouble. So here’s praying that I don’t get much worse and get beyond them soon! 

Oh, I should follow up on Day 9’s goal to wake up early for a prayer. ….. Let’s just say, good intentions do not a goal fulfill. I have no illusions about that happening tomorrow. Let’s extend the time frame to this week. And if anyone out there is reading this and doing something cool with your prayers, I’d love to hear your experiences too. If not, just enjoy and find a minute to pray. Prayer can change your life. 

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Unknown · February 13, 2013 at 3:00 pm

I love your blog and this topic. I struggle to pray at times myself, I think we all do. But I loved how you brought in pride vs humility. Going along with this, there is a great talk. It is from Elder Scott and was given in April 2007 General Conference. It's title is, 'Using the Supernal Gift of Prayer.' It changed my life.

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