Day 16: Psalm 13

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I love that the Old Testament has an entire book of prayer… The Psalms. I chose this psalm today because 1) I feel it has some overtones common to single life, and 2) it wraps up beautifully by acknowledging how bountifully The Lord has blessed us.

As a single person in a church devoted to family and its central importance, it can be all too easy to feel forgotten when blessings don’t come on our timetable. Friends provide a special glue that binds us and surpasses issues of marital status, child status, worldly status. One of my current struggles as to do with making new friends. Last time I moved out of the grandparents home to SLC, I didn’t really make any friends. I’m sure there were many contributing factors, but ultimately I was in a house and ward where I felt very unconnected. As I look now to move out, I must face those fears… The fear that I won’t make friends or find a welcoming ward or build meaningful connections with people. I think that is why I really like this psalm tonight. David doesn’t diminish the feelings he has. He comes out and says that he feels forgotten sometimes and has sorrow in his heart at times. We all have days where our struggles weigh more heavily on us. It he ends powerfully, affirming his faith and trust, concluding with optimism that the future is bright with hope. It’s a beautiful message.

The Lord has blessed my life incredibly these past many months. While its hard going out on my own to find housing with strangers, while it is sad parting ways with people who have helped me in key moments…. I know who has directed and blessed my life so far. And I know he will take care of me, no matter what else happens or who is around. He’s my rock.

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