Day 20: Romans 12:12

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I came across this scripture the other day, and it seems very fitting for tonight. These past few days, I’ve been sorely tempted to just do my reading and prayer and not blog. I’ve been busy, tired…. And it’s not like people need me to do this blog project. Diligence, however, is important. Sticking to the commitment of posting each day. Sure, I know the content and quality vary greatly, but each day there is something to show for it. Stickity tooty. That’s some line from a movie or book… It means sticking to the task.

Prayer is something that requires diligence. I think it’s helpful to acknowledge that we won’t be praying like Enos every single night. Life can get mundane, and I know that sense if sameness creeps into my prayers all too often. Keeping ourselves conscious and present in our prayers can help us continue in meaningful prayer. Our hope and patience will grow. Our testimonies will grow. Our relationship with The Lord will grow. As the hymn tells us, there is an hour of secret prayer… And continually using that time day by day, will unite our souls with heaven, jut as much as the words prayed will unite.

Prayer. Stick to it.

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