Day 22: Philippians 4:6

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It took me a little longer to find my verse tonight. Today was … Interesting. I got plenty of rest and went off to church, which was really good. I felt the spirit quite strongly during Sunday school and the first part of relief society. Then the Bishop began talking about marriage. I suppose my thoughts had been in the past today…. I always drive past that road on my way to church. The thoughts on blessings in my life for the previous lesson centered on people and blessings that came in the wake of that breakup. It was all fine and well, until Bishop asked who wanted to be married. I (quietly) lost it. Sometimes you can’t help but cry. He mentioned something about divorce…keep in mind that after his first intro I was more focused on being silent through the tears than I was on his words. He mentioned divorce and that made it harder, because I know I would already be divorced if I had gotten married last summer. I couldn’t really explain then or now why I was so affected by those words. I’m thankful for the friends who gave me a hug with no strings attached…. The ones who know me and my story and just offered their sisterly support. Women are wonderful.

In a vague way, that story links to this verse. This verse has a JS Translation note that changes it to say “be afflicted for nothing.” Everything we ask of God is important, so long as we ask in the correct spirit. We are to pray with gratitude and make our requests known to God. Many wise leaders have said that often The Lord has blessings for us, but that they are contingent upon our asking for them. This is something I need to remember daily. Ask for what I righteously desire. Then act in faith and thanksgiving for what I currently have. One day I will understand better how the windows of heaven work, but tonight I will simply send my entreaty there, specific and heartfelt.

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