Growing pains

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January has brought along some interesting experiences and tons of opportunity for personal growth! I could probably count on one (maybe two) hands the number of days I haven’t cried, but a lot of that has been from spiritual influences and feeling the Lord so close to me. I’ve definitely grown much closer to Him these past few weeks. 

At first it was a matter of survival – ain’t no way I was going to “endure” the circumstances without some divine help! Well, I say that, but I just knew that I needed the comfort and peace that comes with seeking the Lord. Emotions are gnarly and tricksy and all sorts of trouble, sometimes. Peace calms the negative feelings and allows the positive feelings to shine through, no matter how weak they are. That’s why the gospel makes us happy…. it let’s the Lord shine His light through us without the pain blocking its power. The pain is often still there. The trials are often still there. But the light still floods through us and makes the difficulties less noticeable and less burdensome. 

Honestly, which day makes you feel happier: an overcast, cold snowy day, or a bright, sunny, cold snowy day? 

Yeah, that’s what I though. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold and snowy, as long as the sun is shining brightly. Some things in my life have changed that bring in the Lord’s light, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that!

1. I read the scriptures in the morning before I get out of bed. It has absolutely slowed down my morning routine, but I feel less rushed and more at peace. 
2. Because I’ve read my scriptures, I tend to pray either right when I wake up or at some point before I leave for work. Again, it’s not a conventionally “perfect” prayer, but I converse with the Lord. Sometimes it’s even just driving in the car. But we talk every day. 
3. I was never good at either of these things. Now they’re become habits. 
4. I am a weak person. I doubt and second-guess. I’ve turned to prayer and scriptures during the day and evenings to counteract my weakness. It’s a great restorative for faith. 
5. My friends and family are amazing. I already knew that, but I love getting reminded of it.


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