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TIME has decided to help a girl out and clear the air about marriage. Specifically, how far off the mark I am in being 28 and single. 

I have 10 months and 11 days before I fall on the wrong side of the median!
For what it’s worth, the site does a nice job explaining it’s methodology and how it calculates the data. It’s not exactly a comprehensive survey or comparison, but seems fairly reliable. 

Mostly, I’m just glad to see my suggested “expiration date” is in the future. With girls I once babysat now having babies (!!!), I figured I would be far past my prime marriage time. 

Thanks, science. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Jenelle · February 15, 2014 at 3:23 pm

Ha! I did this just for fun and it said I had 2 days to get married! Yikes! Talk about pressure!

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